How Do I Change My Life?

Are you ready for a life change? Tired of being caught in a rut? Want to know how to go about it? Here is how you go about changing your life:

1- Decide what it is you want

What do you want to change about your current situation? Write a personal mission statement saying exactly what it is you would like to change and where you see yourself. The most important thing is to put a time to it. You know you want to change and exactly what it is you want to change, but when?

2- Find a supporter

We always hear “If you know better, you do better”… so find someone who knows. A mentor, friend, supporter, teacher… whoever. If they have done what it is you want to do, then seek them out.

3- Make the commitment

Honestly, this is the hardest part. Usually people get stuck at step one- writing down what it is you want. Why? Because it requires a level of commitment. In order for something new to happen in your life you have to have the dedication to make it happen. Commit to what you want and (in time) you’ll have it.