Have You Hindered Someone’s Dream?

Look, we all aren’t perfect all the time. Sometimes we have to recognize how we may unintentionally step on people’s toes due to our insecurities, laziness, and unhappiness. This post won’t beat you up. Its just something to make you think how you can be more open, and recognize the journey another person is taking. Check it out:


Insecurities are a #!&^$. Not only because they mess with your own head, but they also effect the way you interact with other people. If you are insecure about where you are going in life and you meet someone driven, chances are that if you’re in a position of power you will do something (big or small) to take a jab at them. Take a second to reflect and see if you’re discriminating against someone who excels in the place that you are most insecure…whatever it may be.



Your lack of effort can really hinder someone else. You may have the greatest skills and knowledge, but if you are lazy when working with someone who is passionate about something, you can really hinder them. Think about a person who is working to produce a record, but the singer is always late or lazy that the producer’s work continuously falls flat. You have to take the lives of other people into consideration.



Ever been around someone who is miserable in their life and has no desire to think about how amazing life could become in the future? They are usually extremely draining and negative about everything regarding YOU. Likewise, when you are down and out… that’s how you can potentially treat other people.


Its important to be aware of your flaws, and the things about you that can negatively impact someone else. Have a self-awareness that not only gives you confidence, but gives other people confidence as well.