Going Without Social Media for a Month

no social media challenge

no social media challenge

by Syreeta

I went a month (yes, an entire 30 days) without logging onto my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  I decided to take on this challenge as a form of New Years cleanse. For most people junk food clogs up their system… for me it was social media. The first day was not easy. I found myself sneaking (from myself apparently) and logging into my accounts. Eventually I admitted that I was an addict (specifically to FB) and took the neccessary steps to get clean. Here’s what I found:

I’ve been addicted to FB since it started. I can even remember the first batch of FB pictures I posted (sick, right?). The oddest part of it all was that I didn’t use FB to snoop on people, or even spend time uploading pictures. I just didn’t want to miss an email or wall post. I checked my FB as frequently as I checked my email (if not more), and used it as my preferred form of communication.

I still haven’t logged back on, but FB informed me that I have over 150 emails waiting for me, as well as pokes (who is still poking?) and updates. I did my best to never pick up a Twitter addiction, and I repeatedly remind myself that I “don’t like Twitter” in order to not form a habit (unlike the rest of you!). But I did press the “tweet” button on websites throughout the month (I don’t count that!).

I’m Super Productive

I’ve submitted numerous proposals, completed a lengthy application for a program, took on more at work, decided to assist in a project outside of work, and even wrote a book. Yes, a book that I’m currently editing. All in 30 days.

The Nonsense Ceased

I talked to far less people, but had far more meaningful conversations. I was no longer obligated to respond to old friends from high school trying to keep tabs on my life. Nor did I have to set up times to meet with people I really didn’t care to meet up with just for the sake of it.

What I’ve Concluded:

The current state of the economy and lack of productivity in America as well as the increase of prescribed anti-depressants is all due to social media (kidding). But to be honest, the world is a truly better place when we all just live in the real world.


With that said, you can now follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….Just expect delayed responses. 🙂