Giving What You Expect To Receive

We all have our desires in life. We have a preferred way we would like to be treated by others. Many times people fall short of those expectations leaving us discouraged and/or wanting more. Your actions inspire how other people treat you. If you want to receive love, give love. If you want more friends, show yourself friendly. People won’t magically meet your needs (and no single person will be all that you want), but you can reap a harvest of what you want by sowing those actions into other people.

It’s hard to give when you feel your tank is empty. It’s even harder to give the things you want to receive when you feel you gave them already and they weren’t returned.

What you do inspires other people’s actions. Be the person you want other people to be to you, regardless of how you feel. Why? Because at the end of the day you will be remembered for the good that you spread and how you made people feel. You may not always be in the best of spirits, but I’m sure you’ll find joy in lifting the spirits of others.

So if you’re in a relationship and caught in constant arguments, just treat the other person how you want to be treated. If you’re working and having problems with your boss, continue to treat your boss how you expect them to treat you. Don’t alter your mood based on their actions, but have them alter their actions based off of yours. You can change the course of things by putting out what you expect to receive… whether you receive it or not.