Girl Talk: Shaving Your Way Through

by Sylvia Ford-George

When I was in my teens, I remember wanting to shave my legs, just because I’d seen other girls doing it. But my mom stopped me by saying, “if you start shaving, the hair will grow back thicker”. Thicker?!? I didn’t want thicker hair on my legs, so I never shaved them. And to be honest, they never really needed to be shaved.
Fast forward a decade later, when I found myself staring at a little peach fuzz over my top lip. I wanted to shave it but my mom’s voice kept ringing in my ear…”it’ll grow back thicker”. So I left it alone, pretending to ignore it, and praying that other people couldn’t see what I saw in my mirror every single morning. And then one day a really good friend said to me, “you know you can shave that”. And I said, “but my mother said it will grow back thicker”. And she said, “it’s doing that now without you shaving it”. After we stopped laughing…(trust me it took awhile), she told me about the products she uses. And I went home and shaved. My top lip looked “funny” for a couple days, but I’ve never looked back. And I don’t mind the weekly maintenance to keep the “peach fuzz” away.
It’s funny how we hold on to things long after they’ve served their purpose. Like that old pair of jeans in the back of the closet, that favorite black dress we haven’t worn for years, the pair of shoes that used to make our legs look hot, the job we’ve outgrown, that man who’s overstayed his welcome, or advice that was probably more about us being ourselves—and less about the thickness of hair.
Life’s a journey. Sometimes we have to shave our way through the stubble, to get to what we really want or need. We don’t know what’s on the horizon, but it’s good to have moms and good friends to help us along the way. Be you. Set your own path. Walk your own walk. Stop ignoring what’s right in front of your face. Take time out to relax and have a good laugh or two. And remember, some advice is meant for a moment…not a lifetime.