Don’t Compete…DOMINATE!

It’s always said that young women compete with one another. That stereotype annoys me as a woman. What annoys me most is when people live up to it. I was listening to someone speak and it struck me when he said “You weren’t made to compete, you were created to dominate”. Automatically I thought about young women and how we weren’t created to compete…we were made to dominate.

Be A Dominionaire

When you dominate, you can’t look to the left or the right of you..because no one else will be there. The way that you rid yourself of all competition is by governing yourself to the perfect you. By taking responsibility of yourself, and owning your own life, you eliminate the time it takes to look around and compete with others. Competition is a time waster, and it also distracts you from being yourself.

Becoming the Perfect You

The ‘Perfect You’ has no set destination, instead it’s the process that will differentiate you from your peers. For example, if Apple thought it was fine to stop production at their 4th iPhone, eventually they would no longer be able to dominate. Instead, they must work to become their best in all areas. Meaning, they are no longer competing with others…they prune themselves into their best. Likewise, you have to focus on you and how to perfect yourself. And perfecting yourself means confronting the negatives in your own life that aren’t based on other people. Things that you know you need to rid yourself of in order to move forward. This can mean ridding yourself of a negative body image, or a troubled relationship with your parents.


Eliminate the competition in your life, and work to dominate your own world.