Desperation or Inspiration?

You ever wonder why your most desperate times in life yield the most beautiful results? Ever notice that the ‘worst of times’ always inspire something amazing. Maybe desperation is what leads you to inspiration.

I have a lot of conversations with people who talk about strategy. Strategy is such a funny concept to me… because there is no strategy to life. Life happens. There is, however, strategy to getting out of sticky situations. And usually those strategies are inspired by some form of desperation (or loss).

Whenever you find yourself with your back against the wall… or you feel that things are always going opposite of how you want them, use those situations as inspiration for something great/beneficial/impactful. You’ll never be the only person in a particular situation, but you could be the first person to come up with a solution to help others free themselves of the desperation they feel.

That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship. Usually businesses (particularly those in the area of impact) solve a problem.