Crazy, Sexy, Cool 90s Photos

In the 90s… you were either crazy, sexy, or cool! TLC was the leading girl group during that time because they hit those three notes. There was only 3 ways to describe any style, person, and any attitude. The 90s were so great because you wore your personality on your sleeve… literally. Check out some our favorite crazy, sexy, cool girls of the 90s!


Look how crazy the hair was in the 90s! Back then… this was HOT! Gotta love the fun of it all.

Tongue rings and eyeliner was everything in the 90s. Scary Spice worked the ‘crazy’ like a pro!

Being a 90s Supermodel looked like crazy fun!



Pamela Anderson was the sex symbol of the 90s. Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy did their best to try to dethrone her… but it never worked.

Aaliyah was so cool that she just became sexy. The beauty touched so many lives in a very short amount of time…and is always a MOSAM– USE favorite!

Fashion in the 90s was ultra sexy. Skirts were mini and shirts were cut LOW.



Lisa Bonet was super cool in the 90s. Her style was unique, different, and perfect.

Attitude ruled.

Kate Moss was able to go toe to toe with models that appeared to be twice her height because she had that cool factor.


How would you describe yourself… crazy, sexy, or cool?