Consumed By Competition

Competition outside of a sports arena is a very negative thing. It’s often fueled by jealousy and envy and rarely lives up to being ‘healthy’. One of the reasons I believe competition is a negative thing is that it makes you focus on things outside of yourself like other people. If everyone is uniquely made for a special purpose, how could competition ever be a good thing?

Competitive relationships

Competitive relationships between two people are really just ongoing fights. The worst form of a competitive relationship is one that is created by a “loved one”. For example if your mate makes you feel uncomfortable about another person, they are forcing you into a competition (or fight). No guy is ever worth the fight. The competition distracts you from being a loving spouse, adds tension, and destroys relationships. When a guy (or girl) forces their mate to compete they are essentially blocking their own blessings. The mate no longer wants to show love when they feel disrespected.

Competing for awards, attention, and recognition

Usually this form of competition sparks the most rage. People lose humanity when they fight for a prize. Many times they forget about the prize in the process and act like savages.

The ego fuels competition

When you’re in a competitive mode you’re thinking Me, Me, Me. It’s a selfish place to be. It blocks you from being able to positively deposit anything in anyone else’s life. You become so consumed by your ego that you disregard your purpose.


Sometimes we are placed in competitive situations we don’t ask for. Instead of¬†acquiescing to the situation, make a CHOICE to put your own ego aside and operate in love and purpose.