Choose You First In These 3 Areas

Sometimes it does have to be all about you. Really. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We spend a lot of time pouring ourselves into other people, that if we aren’t careful we can become empty. Taking time to focus on yourself and your needs is essential.


Maintaining “me” time is important when you’re in any type of relationship. Taking a step back from relationships  is sometimes a really good thing. Not only does it give you time to do the things you really like to do, it also gives you time to put things in perspective. Is this really the person for you?



There are plenty of times when you’re at work that you have to put yourself first. One of which is when you’re in need of a ‘mental health day’. These are days you take not because you’re sick or you’re going on vacation, but to simply clear your mind and regroup. Another time to put yourself first is when you’re doing your annual review. That is the time for you to speak up and state the things that you are good at and request the raise that is equivalent to your work ethic.



Even when you volunteer, you have to set boundaries. State exactly what you’re there to do and stick to it. As much as you’re willing to devote  your time to a cause that is important to you, you have to be sure that it doesn’t consume all of your time and energy. Solid boundaries will make sure everything is not taken out of you while you’re giving.