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  • Destiny’s Child Is Making A Comeback!

    Posted in: Flashback Iconic, Inspiration, music

    destinys child comeback

    It seems like we hit GOLD this year! (And we thought last year’s return of the Spice Girls was amazing!) A week after TLC announced their return, Beyonce announced that Destiny’s Child will release a new song on January 29th, 2013 on an album where they’ll rerelease their best love songs. We’ll probably buy the single, but we are really looking forward to seeing Kelly, Michelle, and Bey in their new video for “Nuclear”.

    Check out Destiny’s Child through the years:

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  • Watch: South Korean Pop Group ‘Girl Generation’

    Posted in: music, News

    girl generation i like a boy

    Internet scrolling on a Sunday afternoon offered some very interesting finds. But could you expect anything less these days? One of the more interesting-in-a-good-way finds was South Korea’s pop group “Girl Generation.” They are an interesting pop mix with undeniable American influences from both the pop and urban markets. Their new “I Got A Boy” video may not be in English, but their style is speaking volumes. It seems as if they are every trend in one, including streetwear, accessorized nails, and colorful hair.

    Watch The Video:

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  • 20 Years After Forming, TLC Is Making A Comeback!

    Posted in: music, News

    tlc is back

    by Syreeta

    I’m proud to announce that my favorite group (ever) is making a come back! On Tuesday TLC aired Totally T-Boz, a show focused on the reemergence of TLC’s lead singer T-Boz. The first episode also featured groupmate Chili, as she worked to convince T-Boz to focus on TLC’s comeback.

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  • Breakout Artist Of The Year: Azealia Banks

    Posted in: music, News

    It’s been no secret how instantly in love we fell with Ms. Azealia Banks. Her 90s nostalgia took us to a place of comfort that hasn’t been emulated since the end of that era. The cherry on top is her effortless approach to capturing the raw energy of the time period. Dive into our 90s nostalgia with our favorite looks from the up and coming rap diva who is set to take it to another level in 2013:

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  • And The Best Explanation Of Style Goes To…

    Posted in: Celebrity Style, music, News

    janelle monae

    Janelle Monae was no doubt a talented musician. Beyond her musical talent, we all admire her style, hair, and beauty. But neither her beauty or talent is why she made MosaMuse’s ‘Best Of’ list. One of Janelle Monae’s most highlighted moments was when she explained her style. Who knew her black and white suit that we yearned so much for her to ditch carried so much meaning?

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  • Trevin Hunte Exemplifies What It Means To Have Talent

    Posted in: music, News

    trevin hunte

    by Syreeta

    I’ll be honest…I’m not a huge talent show watcher. The only talent show-type television I watched all the way through was the first season of American Idol. When Tamyra Gray didn’t win… I lost hope in people’s ability to discover true talent. Enter The Voice. The format of the show got my attention, and I found myself dipping in and out. Well, that was until my first encounter with Trevin Hunte, an extraordinary talent that is undeniably God given. After seeing him for the first time… I was hooked.

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  • Kendrick Lamar Defines New Hip Hop

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect, music


    by Syreeta

    I was reluctant to pick up another hip hop cd that was getting hype. I was just OVER the style, the content, the lack of talent. But no matter where I turned I couldn’t escape the name… Kendrick Lamar. So I tuned in, and was oh so pleasantly surprised. This is a CD I would listen to over and over again. The production is the best of the year. The beats make you want to play it forever. And the music just makes you feel good. I was a fool for waiting so long.

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  • Artist Spotlight: Missy Elliott’s Creative Cool

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect, music

    missy elliott

    Missy Elliott should be mentioned as one of music’s greats! As much as people admire her talent, we don’t believe enough credit is given to her. That is why we chose to do this post. To remind you of just how creatively great she is. What we love most about Missy Elliott is that she broke the mold. She made music FUN and she knew how to visually captivate us. Only second to Michael Jackson, her videos had you counting down to their release. Here’s why:

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  • It’s Ladies Night!

    Posted in: music, News

    One of our favorite songs of all time is “Ladies Night” featuring hip-hop all-stars Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Angie Martinez, and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. As much as hip-hop was hard, raw, and for the guys…this song really showed how women could come together (make some money) and have a little fun!

    Enjoy the nostalgia!

  • “You Need A Fashion Shower”

    Posted in: music, News, Video Of The Day

    We’ve all been watching Anna Dello Russo for a while now. The Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan has been popping up on almost every street blog imaginable. We are excited to announce her new collection with H&M, slated to come out October 4th. I feel like this collection will be a collection fashion girls understand. And yes, we will be buying a few pieces! We especially recommend hitting up the accessories. ANYWAY, this is probably the best commercial for a collaboration in years, as it is very true to Anna Dell Russo’s style. Check it out then take ‘a fashion shower’!

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  • My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    I’ve been a Beyonce fan since the 8th grade. From Writings on the Wall to Lemonade – I’ve nodded my head, cried, danced, smiled wagged my finger, snapped my neck, and screamed

    by Syreeta 0 FULL STORY >>
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