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Dream-Building Inspiration
for Young Women

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  • Follow The Glitter Brick Road – The Book

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    follow the glitter brick road

    I’m a Dream Guider. I outline people’s goals and I help them achieve success through task-management. Before I took the step of becoming a Dream Guider, I wrote down everything I went through. I made note of all the steps that I took before I took the leap of path and I turned it into a book to help other people.
    I never set out to be an author. I only wanted to help people achieve their dreams, because I wished that there was someone to help me when I was younger and full of hope. The book is really a workbook for other people to insert their lives into my lessons. I hope this helps. It will be released on Amazon any day now (waiting on Amazon) and when it’s up… I will provide a link.

    Be blessed.

  • Flawless Queens- Bey and Nicki

    Posted in: music, News

    This is the latest from Beyonce… a remix of FLAWLESS featuring Nicki Minaj. I have to say that I’m feeling this new phase of Nicki and I like that Beyonce is featuring other females. I actually look forward to her having more collaborations with female artist because at the end of the day its all about girl power. My dream collabo… Beyonce and Mya. Let’s do it for the 90s ladies.

  • It’s About HOW You Advertise

    Posted in: Career, Life Architect, News

    It’s not only the message in your advertisement—but the way you advertise yourself or your business—that sends a message. Advertising on a billboard sends a different message than advertising in a well-renowned publication. So is choosing to advertise through print oppose rather than word of mouth.

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  • Missing Mya? We Found Her Bests…

    Posted in: music, Style & Beauty

    Above any other singer, Mya has to be my favorite… hands down. The singer (and amazing dancer) has stayed under the radar for a while… which isn’t really that bad of a thing. I have to admit that I’ve always had an admiration for talented people who take time off to be people (outside of the industry). After Mya released the very classy statement refuting rumors that she was Jay-Z’s mistress for years… (who would believe that anyway?)… I recently shared some of my favorite songs with my boyfriend which led me to discovering some of the music she’s released minus the whole PR push. Check out some of the bests from Mya.

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  • There’s Money In Your Day Dreams

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life Architect, News

    Dreaming about your future is sweet… especially if it comes in the form of a daydream. But in the midst of imagining yourself as Stacey Dash in Clueless, married to George Clooney, or speeding down the highway in your Ferrari, there lies a business that can profit you.

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  • Video Flashback: Gwen Stefani’s Cool

    Posted in: music, News

  • Meet Your Dream Guider

    Posted in: Dream Building, News

    by Sylvia Ford-George

    Sitting in the driver’s seat of other people’s dreams is a unique position to be in, and requires a person with desire for progressive innovation; a strategic vision; a self-starting nature; the ability to communicate, manage, and captain; chutzpah; and a friendly nature. Syreeta Lockett is that person. As a Dream Guider, Syreeta works with dreamers (a.k.a. everyday people and budding entrepreneurs) eager to fulfill their dreams. She creates 1- and 5-year custom-designed plans with targeted goals and objectives that lead to the realization of the dream. Plans are personalized to meet the individual dreamer’s vision, and become the blueprint for how dreamers can become the CEO of their own life’s journey. She even assists in executing the plans to help clients complete their outlined goals.

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  • Giving What You Expect To Receive

    Posted in: News

    We all have our desires in life. We have a preferred way we would like to be treated by others. Many times people fall short of those expectations leaving us discouraged and/or wanting more. Your actions inspire how other people treat you. If you want to receive love, give love. If you want more friends, show yourself friendly. People won’t magically meet your needs (and no single person will be all that you want), but you can reap a harvest of what you want by sowing those actions into other people.

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  • What’s Your Personal Brand?

    Posted in: News

    When people hear your name, what do they think of? Your reputation is your personal brand. Just like with branding a business, there are key words that everyone associates with your personal brand. Do you know what they are?

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  • And Then This Happened…

    Posted in: News

    I know I know- it’s been discussed. But not by me. And to be honest, I’ll never be late with my commentary on this, because this is a moment that stands alone. It’s an image that people will remember later in life, and use when writing posts on the ‘Rihanna brand’. But even more than a ‘moment’ for Rihanna, it inspired a moment to discuss feminism, entertainment, and young women.

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  • My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    I’ve been a Beyonce fan since the 8th grade. From Writings on the Wall to Lemonade – I’ve nodded my head, cried, danced, smiled wagged my finger, snapped my neck, and screamed

    by Syreeta 0 FULL STORY >>
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