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Dream-Building Inspiration
for Young Women

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  • Life Architect
  • 3 Behaviors That Don’t Lead To Success

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life Architect, News

    by Dream Guider

    Working towards your dream is already a challenge. The way you behave while doing it could make it even more challenging. Here are 3 behaviors to eliminate while working towards your dreams:

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  • I Need The Drama

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life, Life Architect

    Sometimes life is just so damn boring that I need the drama. Not the type of drama where I pick fights or start rumors. Drama for me is like taking a huge risk and not knowing what would happen. You know- like leaving a job that’s boring. Or moving. Or just doing something completely random that would put you in a group of all new people. Basically- a life change.

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  • How Much Do You Charge?

    Posted in: Career, Dream Building, Inspiration, Life Architect

    by Dream Guider

    There’s a principle called supply and demand that says in a competitive market, the price for goods and services will settle at a point where the demand for that item meets the supply. For example, a drug store could probably never sell it’s brand quality lotion for $20 in 2014 because the demand for lotion will never be that great, and lotion is not a scarce item to come by, so people won’t shell out a lot of money just to have it. But when it comes to your product sometimes it’s a little harder to determine what the price should be, particularly when you have a unique product. When you see just how much work it takes to do something— it’s harder to determine a selling point. Do you allow the consumers to set the price? Or, do you set the bar and only sell to customers willing to reach it?

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  • No More Obligations!

    Posted in: Career, Life, Life Architect

    For a while I was going non stop. I worked 14 hour days (sometimes longer) without a problem. But then my scales tipped and I lost all productivity. My 14 hr days went down to the standard 8 hours and I preferred to do anything but work. I was distracted, but in a good way. Now that I’m at the stage of picking up the pieces—I realize some pieces can be left behind. The things I do going forward have to make sense and have to add to my life instead of simply adding to my schedule.

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  • How Do I Find What I’m Good At?

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life, Life Architect

    how do i find what im good at

    At times, you may find yourself wondering “How do I find what I’m good at?” It may seem like everyone else has  set course for their lives. Some of them may have already accomplished their dreams. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, follow these steps to get closer to understanding your gifts and purpose:

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  • Interiors Styled By Black

    Posted in: Home Decor, Life, Life Architect

    interiors styled by black

    Would you ever think of using black paint in your new home? Some people may think that black would make your spaces look smaller or dark. It may actually shock you how beautiful black decor can be. Scroll through some interiors styled by black:

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  • Say “Goodbye” To Naysayers

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect

    As a dreamer you have witty ideas, thoughts, and inventions. Unfortunately for you- there are a group of people who don’t have witty ideas, thoughts, and inventions. Most of them will find you intriguing and your ideas interesting. They become ‘fans’ and/or customers of your work and others. Others won’t be so congenial to your ideas, and will attempt to ‘naysay’ any chance they get. How do you spot a naysayer, and how do you say goodbye to the naysayers that are close to you?

    As always, we have the answer:

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  • 4 Things Dating Sites Fail To Tell You

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect, Relationships

    dating secrets

    You hear it all the time: If you’re looking for love, you’ll have a better chance online. Are men only bold enough to approach you from behind the computer? What are they hiding? Or maybe the better question is: Do these dating sites have anything to hide. We went undercover. We used a little deductive reasoning to find 4 things dating sites are keeping secret:

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  • Am I Self-Centered? The Downside of Individualism

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect, Self-Improvement

    self centered

    Being an individual means that you have confidence in yourself. Focusing on expressing your individuality could have its potential downside. Answer these few questions to see if you have ventured from celebrating your individualism to the land of the self-centered:

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  • Do Your Clothes Represent Someone Else?

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect, Self-Improvement

    mixed patterns

    Let’s face it…sometimes we aren’t the person we portray ourselves to be. It may not be an issue of say, identity theft. It could be something as little as wearing a corporate suit to work, when you don’t feel like the clothes represent who you are as an individual. Or maybe everyone else in your group of friends suggests you should wear heels (like them) when you’re a flip flop type of girl. So what do you do?

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  • My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    I’ve been a Beyonce fan since the 8th grade. From Writings on the Wall to Lemonade – I’ve nodded my head, cried, danced, smiled wagged my finger, snapped my neck, and screamed

    by Syreeta 0 FULL STORY >>
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