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Dream-Building Inspiration
for Young Women

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  • Life Architect
  • It’s About HOW You Advertise

    Posted in: Career, Life Architect, News

    It’s not only the message in your advertisement—but the way you advertise yourself or your business—that sends a message. Advertising on a billboard sends a different message than advertising in a well-renowned publication. So is choosing to advertise through print oppose rather than word of mouth.

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  • How to Cultivate Relationships and Find A Mentor

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect

    Mentors are very valuable to have. They typically accelerate your path by providing you with information and connections that you couldn’t garner on your own (in a short amount of time). A lot of people wonder where to find mentors and what to do to officially become a mentee. For most the answer is simple…

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  • There’s Money In Your Day Dreams

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life Architect, News

    Dreaming about your future is sweet… especially if it comes in the form of a daydream. But in the midst of imagining yourself as Stacey Dash in Clueless, married to George Clooney, or speeding down the highway in your Ferrari, there lies a business that can profit you.

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  • Are Millions The Goal?

    Posted in: Career, Dream Building, Life, Life Architect

    What defines success?

    Is it money, fame, material things, and/or freedom? For each person the answer is different. But you have to admit the perception of success is usually similar. If you see someone in nice clothes, big house, and a nice car, you would assume they were successful. Ask yourself this- if you saw someone walking down the street at 3 o’clock in the afternoon with a smile on their face in normal clothes, would you define them as successful or happy?

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  • Your Belief Can Become an Obsession

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life, Life Architect

    As an entrepreneur you have to be 100% sold on your own idea. You have to have a vision of the future that pulls you through all obstacles towards your desired outcome. Unfortunately the drive that can lead you to success could also lead you to becoming a bit obsessed. Trust me…I’ve been there.

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  • How To Get Started Living Your Dream Life

    Posted in: Inspiration, Life Architect, Self-Improvement

    by Dream Guider

    As a Dream Guider probably the hardest part of working with a new client is the beginning. Clients have trouble with the first step— commitment. Committing to your dream is not an easy task. There is a lot of fear that arises when you are actually forced to stop dreaming and start doing. Is it going to really happen? What will people think? Will I fail? What if this isn’t what I really want to do? These questions are normal. There will be many obstacles to overcome when you start your dream, and this is the first. Here’s how to overcome your initial trepidation.

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  • Pulling Out

    Posted in: Career, Life, Life Architect

    I have to say the life of a slacker has been enjoyable. The past few months have offered a lot of rest, especially mentally. Prior to this I was going and going and going non-stop. I never liked to ‘waste’ a minute. My entire day was full of to-dos (imposed by myself and others). And to be perfectly honest I was burnt out. I was going at full speed but I can’t really say that I was moving anywhere. Taking time to pull out allowed me to see things in perspective and really be selective about what I do on the daily.

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  • You’re Not Going Anywhere Until You’re Fully Developed

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life, Life Architect

    Years spent living at my mom’s house after living it up on my own felt like a cruel joke. I went from living in the fast lane to going bumper to bumper. All I could think was what if I never experience that type of joy again? What if I’m never able to have accomplishments on that level again? When will I ever feel free? My twin-sized bed couldn’t hold all my ambition. And my new surroundings just didn’t make sense. I was being squeezed into a reputation, lifestyle, and career that just didn’t fit who I really was. Why wasn’t I going anywhere?

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  • What Its Like To Fail At Landing A Million Dollar Investment

    Posted in: Inspiration, Life Architect

    What a lot of people don’t know is that this site, in combination with a few basic (and cheesy) photoshoots, was created years ago as a way to illustrate a component of a larger idea I was pitching to venture capitalists. At 25 years old I was sitting across from investors pitching an idea that I believed would change the way young women perceived their role in society. I went hard to find mentors, create a business plan, and get in front of investors, only to be turned down. I never went so hard at something in my life only to hear “no”.

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  • Making A Living vs. Making A Life

    Posted in: Inspiration, Life Architect

    I’ve committed to the idea of relocating. I can’t say that it was an easy decision to make considering I would have to uproot myself. The initial thoughts were all full of anxieties about making a living. Where will I work? How much will my rent be? Will I be able to find work in time? Nothing about those thoughts were exciting to me. However, once I started thinking about making a life, everything changed.

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  • My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    My Honest Thoughts on LEMONADE

    I’ve been a Beyonce fan since the 8th grade. From Writings on the Wall to Lemonade – I’ve nodded my head, cried, danced, smiled wagged my finger, snapped my neck, and screamed

    by Syreeta 0 FULL STORY >>
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