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Scissor Worthy Hair-spiration

Sometimes we get an urge to be our new selves and we often opt to showcase that with a new hairstyle. Some girls simply add a few highlights or dye their hair, while others go bold and go (almost) bald. We have a love for short hairstyles because they instantly amp up the sophistication. Short hairstyles also bring attention to the face. See if you’re inspired to grab a pair of sheers after seeing these photographs:

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And The Breakout Style Star Of The Year Goes To…

solange style

What do you get when you pull together bright colors, mixed patterns and prints, fun accessories, and amazing hairstyles? None other than Blue Ivy’s Babysitter. Also known as Ms. Solange Knowles. This has been Solange’s year. Not only does she seem completely happy, in love, confident, and in control. She seems to have found her place in music and fashion, simutaneously. We have to say, we are rooting for this girl 100%. If she’s selling it… we’re buying. And you should too. Here’s why:

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And The Best Explanation Of Style Goes To…

janelle monae

Janelle Monae was no doubt a talented musician. Beyond her musical talent, we all admire her style, hair, and beauty. But neither her beauty or talent is why she made MosaMuse’s ‘Best Of’ list. One of Janelle Monae’s most highlighted moments was when she explained her style. Who knew her black and white suit that we yearned so much for her to ditch carried so much meaning?

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The A-‘cool’-stic Style of Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix style

Back when style was style and not imitation, Jimi Hendrix had a ‘cool’ all his own. Most people love him for his music, and although we are fans we mainly are a fan of the aura. See there is a thing missing in show business nowadays which is the originality of sound and expression. Because corporations control the sound and image, progression is slower than ever. So what are girls to do but to go back for some great inspiration? Check out some great style from Mr. Jimi himself…

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Keri Hilson Gets A Modeling Contract!

keri hilson modeling contract

Singer/Songwriter Keri Hilson signed with Wilhelmina Models. The Georgia beauty has had an ever-evolving look since she popped on the scene. Her sweet appearance gave her the “pretty girl” title, and she rocks it! We are excited to see which endorsements the agency will find her. We will be sure to keep you posted. Check out some pictures of the BET award winner: