Building A Network of Queens

Ladies, we have to work together. Why are we competing against eachother? Building a solid network of ladies with various ambitions is important. Your network should be diverse, yet all members should have a common goal. Here’s how to build a network of queens:

Be sure it’s diverse.

Why create a network of women who all have the same profession? Eventually that group will compete against each other. And it will also be forced to go outside of the network for other services. It is important that your network is diverse with women of various talents. This limits competition and it also gives everyone the ability to shine. Although there are various talents, everyone should have the same idea regarding success so that the group can be on one accord.

Allow opportunities to connect.

The network should have events to give everyone the opportunity to connect. It should also have updates about the experience of the group. The more opportunities your network has to interact, the more they will connect and strengthen their individual businesses, which will strengthen your group.