Budget Travel: How And Why To Hostel



Still looking to check off “travel” from your list of things to do this year? What’s holding you back? For most people it is an issue of money. What if we told you that you could slash your expenses by opting to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel? Hostels may not be as luxurious, but if you aim to simply find a place to lay your head as you’re traveling the country, they may be for you.

So what exactly is a hostel, how much do they cost, and how do you book a room?

What is a Hostel?

Hostels are cheap inexpensive housing for students, workers, or travelers. The rooms in hostels are typically smaller than a hotel room (think dormitory) and you may have to use a communal bathroom (think large gym locker room). Although they are less glamorous, they are far less expensive than a hotel. The lodging is geared to “adventure travelers” rather than “leisure travelers” because it’s more of a self-catering establishment. And if you’re low on cash, hostel owners may allow you to work for lodging.

How Much Do They Cost?

Expect to pay $12-$3o per night for a hostel. And if you’re lucky, that price may include a hot meal.

How Do You Book A Room?

Just like with hotels, there are websites to book hostels. You can try hostels.com for a listing.


If you are planning a cross country road trip, you may want to consider hostels. But it is important to not jeopardize your safety in order to save a couple bucks. Use the internet to see how other people’s experiences were at specific hostels. And stay clear of hostels that aren’t in well populated areas. Choose safety over being savvy… in every case.