Breakout Artist Of The Year: Azealia Banks

It’s been no secret how instantly in love we fell with Ms. Azealia Banks. Her 90s nostalgia took us to a place of comfort that hasn’t been emulated since the end of that era. The cherry on top is her effortless approach to capturing the raw energy of the time period. Dive into our 90s nostalgia with our favorite looks from the up and coming rap diva who is set to take it to another level in 2013:

azealia banks eggplant hair

Her eggplant hair and fun loving style seemed to turn heads in 2012. She even captured the attention of Lady Gaga, who has been named as a possible collaborator.

azealia banks

She has a very fun/flirty style that was made popular in the 90s by Lil Kim, Spice Girls, and TLC. And let us be honest… we seem to like her style more than we like her music at this point. But we are hopeful that with more money (which means better writers and producers) the content will elevate to the level of her style.

azealia banks alexander wang

Her style has gotten her noticed by Alexander Wang, who featured her in his 2012 commercial. It also got her her own MAC lipstick and one-on-one time with Karl Lagerfeld. Not to mention, a spread in Elle Magazine.

azealia banks

We can’t end this post without mentioning just how on point we usually are with our end of year predictions. So if you see her blowing up around March of next year, just remember, we told you so…