Beyonce Revives the Beauty of Self Expression

Question- How many times have you watched Beyonce’s self-titled visual album? I’m embarrassed to admit that the album has me completely distracted. I want to watch/hear it allll thheee tiimeee.  It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen artistically in a long time because it allowed me to witness an artist’s true expression. I’ve followed Beyonce’s career since first hearing Destiny’s Child’s Writings on the Wall in 8th grade. As a fan I’ve watched her go through ups and downs, hits and (well, never really misses). But it wasn’t until Friday the 13th that I was able to witness something extraordinary- a beautiful expression of an artist’s true vision. For once, it was an honor to be a fan. Check out some of our favorite images from one of the most iconic albums to date.. Yes, iconic… and its only been a few days.

Nothing in this world is more beautiful than the ability to express yourself.