Behind The Brand: BALMAIN

Did you know Oscar de la Renta designed for Balmain in the 90s? There’s more to a brand than what you see sashaying down the runway. In the case of Balmain, the company has gone through 8 designers since launching in France. Founded by French designer, Pierre Balmain, the company’s aesthetic relies heavily on detail and classic silhouettes. Learn more >>

During the period of WWII, Pierre Balmain outfitted Bridgette Bardot, The Queen of Thailand, and theĀ Nicaraguan first lady.

The war forced people to be minimalist due to rationed fabric. But the end of the war meant the beginning of a new look. Excessive glamour was sought after, and Balmain met the demand. His brand (or fashion house) was known for its classic, luxurious designs.

After his death in 1982 the fashion house had two designers working to keep the aesthetic until Oscar de la Renta came in as the designer. Oscar de la Renta brought with him the attention of the fashion industry. For 9 years the Domincan designer created collections for the house.

The brand has been led by Olivier Rousteing since 2011 to critical acclaim. The Balmain collection is one of the most sought after and visually appealing brands this era. The collections stay in step with trends but keeps its classic appeal.