Artist Spotlight: Missy Elliott’s Creative Cool

missy elliott

Missy Elliott should be mentioned as one of music’s greats! As much as people admire her talent, we don’t believe enough credit is given to her. That is why we chose to do this post. To remind you of just how creatively great she is. What we love most about Missy Elliott is that she broke the mold. She made music FUN and she knew how to visually captivate us. Only second to Michael Jackson, her videos had you counting down to their release. Here’s why:

missy elliot supa dupa fly

Missy Elliott came on the scene with a supa dupa fly album, literally. The sound was just something you never heard before. It wasn’t about sex and drugs, instead it screamed creativity.

missy elliot i cant stand the rain

Missy Elliott’s “Rain” video gave us visuals we¬†had never seen before. And we ate it up! She took us on a visual journey as she sang in a blown up black trash bag. The fact was this… we loved the creativity.

missy elliot 3

Not only was she an amazing rapper/singer she also was an amazing writer producer. Missy produced one of our favorite songs “Lady Marmalade” with XTina, Mya, Pink, and Lil’ Kim. But we know the producer¬†side of her best for her work with Aaliyah.

missy elliot

With Missy on a track, platinum was calling. And with her own record label, Missy could sign and create artists of her own.

singer tweet

The singer Tweet was one of Missy’s artists. The “Oops” singer had a smash hit landing her number 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

jasmine sullivan

And she later achieved even greater success with her protege Jazmine Sullivan.


But none of her artists could reach the level that she achieved. Although we are itching for her to come back and save us from the current cookie cutter format of the entertainment industry, we could live off of the creativity from her music and videos for years!


What is your favorite moment from Missy?