Are You Upset By A Queen?

I have to say that as women we have to do better. Giving dirty looks while in church… unacceptable. But its just one of many things that I have to withstand during the course of my week from women. Is it not enough that we are looked up and down by men on a daily basis. Now we need to glance to the ground when we pass another female to avoid an unprovoked eye roll. Why?

Why are we competing with each other? We are beautifully made beings who have the power to give life. We have the same access to the world as men with the additional blessing of being able to carry a child. Its time we cleanse our wombs. Lets become more positive beings. We have been placed against each other. Wise up. If we come together we could run the world.

We size up eachother based on how we look and dress. We try to fit eachother into boxes but we are too complex to carry a single label. Why can’t we stop?

Let’s be one another’s cheerleaders. Smile when you walk pass another female. Show your support for what they’re doing. Collaborate.