Are You Too Critical?

Critical, analytical, detail-oriented are all attributes that make for a good employee. But as a person, those attributes can come off as judgmental, demeaning, and bitter. Although some qualities are great to have in the workplace, they aren’t so beneficial in real life. As a “critical” person you can trap people’s creativity and self-expression by labeling them through a negative lense. It stops all growth, excitement, and ability for positive change (in your life and theirs).

What makes you stellar in a workplace can make you awful in real life. Ever wonder why some successful people suck at relationships? You have to be able to decide which personality traits are best for a particular environment. As people we are multifaceted. Nothing will ever be just one way. You don’t ever have to only be one way, or use one set of skills. You have to be adaptable, open to change, and be sure that the qualities you display allow other people to grow as well. This not only makes you a solid professional, it makes you a good person.