Are Millions The Goal?

What defines success?

Is it money, fame, material things, and/or freedom? For each person the answer is different. But you have to admit the perception of success is usually similar. If you see someone in nice clothes, big house, and a nice car, you would assume they were successful. Ask yourself this- if you saw someone walking down the street at 3 o’clock in the afternoon with a smile on their face in normal clothes, would you define them as successful or happy?

┬áThe idea of success is interesting. I was working on a project and someone asked, “Do you have to live the dream to sell a dream?”, and my mind started to tick. What defines ‘living a dream.’ The way the question was proposed to me, meant that you had to show a perception of success in order to be successful.

But that’s false.

People waste their entire lives living in the midst of how other people perceive them. Real success comes from being able to be yourself. So no matter how other people define success, it is important that you define what it means for you. What is your identity as a ‘successful’ person? Is it clothes and cars or is it freedom and family…maybe all of the above. Regardless of what it is- you have the ability to decide. And when you make that choice, and live life according to who you are positively, you will be successful.