And The Best Explanation Of Style Goes To…

janelle monae

Janelle Monae was no doubt a talented musician. Beyond her musical talent, we all admire her style, hair, and beauty. But neither her beauty or talent is why she made MosaMuse’s ‘Best Of’ list. One of Janelle Monae’s most highlighted moments was when she explained her style. Who knew her black and white suit that we yearned so much for her to ditch carried so much meaning?

After winning an award at Black Girls Rock, Janelle Monae took the podium to explain her black and white tuxedo style. She referred to her style as a ‘uniform’. And she said that wearing a uniform was a way for her to pay homage to her mother who wore a uniform as a housekeeper and her stepfather who wore a uniform as a sanitation worker. Their belief in her allowed her to be able to wear her uniform, as a musician.

It was a moving speech because most people wear what is in style or the current trend. But when you think of what it means to make a ‘fashion statement’, Janelle Monae takes the cake.