Am I Pretty?

How strong is your desire to be wanted?

I think a lot about whether or not I will tell my future daughters they’re beautiful. On one hand I would want to let them know they’re beautiful so they don’t seek that reassurance outside of my house. On the other hand I think that I should highlight other attributes so they don’t get caught up in the desire to be wanted.

What is your beauty used for exactly?

It makes sense that people compliment other’s intelligence and creativity because we see how those things can lead to something beneficial. But what is beauty used for? It’s used to attract men.

Because we focus so much on beauty (or attracting men) we’ve become competitive, less focused on our purpose, and way more desperate as a gender. We are so much more than looks. But we water ourselves down to make ourselves up for the opposite sex.

Eventually we will raise little girls and it is important that we teach them to be way more than an image. And obviously that all starts by us changing the way we see ourselves.