A Place To Call Home

Do you feel your home says nothing about you? Sometimes all it takes is a few style tweaks. To have your house illustrate who you are, you may have to stop imitating a style you’ve already seen, and add your own unique elements. We found some great places that aren’t only interesting, but say a lot about who the owner is. Here is how to get your home decor to speak your language:

Adding curtain rods with unique fabrics would make for an interesting room. The plus is that you can change them as frequently as you desire.

This is such a cool light fixture. You may not opt to have it in your living room, but it may be a great option for a personal room.

This room is very minimal but very personal at the same time. The decorator found a great balance between keeping things simple and adding personal touches.

Aaahhh this bathroom. Simple and awesome.

And finally, we enjoy decor that utilizes interesting elements from the home itself.