A Man Who Cannot Lead You In Prayer, Cannot Lead You In Life

mountain mosamuse

I was in make-believe. I thought that if I showed him God and the greatness of God, we would live in some amazing world together. But its very rare that you can lead a guy to God and then have him lead you in life. There is just so much more you that you know about God’s love in that situation. You’re the teacher, he’s the student. And what happens when the person who was supposed to lead you is failing your class? You fail.

I learned the hard way. I liked someone and I didn’t want to be too pushy about my faith. So I tried to be nice about it and allow him to take his time. When you have faith and are accustomed to being around people with faith, you forget what its like to go through challenging situations with someone who lacks faith. And trust me, its so difficult. When people lack faith, every single situation is such a big deal. At least in my experience, they drag you down into a dark place because they don’t know how to move forward. What pulls them forward? They don’t know. So eventually all they can do is pull you down if there is a problem.

One thing I will do as I move forward and I suggest for all women to do, is to only allow men to lead you in life if they can lead you in prayer. They need to be led by something greater than them, that is positive. Don’t be led in the wrong direction – that’s not love.