90s Plaid & Overalls Get A Style Makeover!

Plaid & overalls seemed like a staple for the 90s. Its seemed like everyone was wearing these two style. You saw plaid on the set of Clueless, and it was huge on the grunge scene. And overalls, who didn’t have a pair? Thankfully the trend has since modernized. ‘Hipsters’ have adopted the plaid look, among other groups. And it seems like overalls and jumpsuits have made another flash in the fash pan. Scroll through our favorite style snapshots and let us know if this trend should STAY OR GO!

Pairing this fringe collar with an overall modernizes the look. You have to be able to appreciate this look. It’s a great look for the fall as well!

This girl mixes plaid for a laid-back chic. We like her overall style…especially her hair!

The plaid of the 90s has no match for this peekaboo plaid. This girl won’t be hitting up any Saved by The Bell sets anytime soon.

The 90s grunge scene had a lot of mixes of plaid and leather. This girl elevates the look with her ensemble.

Talk about chic. She’s rocking this style! It kinda looks like you could have purchased every single piece in the 90s.

Your hairdresser has skills if he can pull this off! We don’t know if we would recommend rocking this style. BUT, we do love its editorial flava!

Plaid has expanded beyond fashion and made its way into home decor. Would you use plaid in your house?

What we love about this photo… you can’t tell if its old or new. The hair kinda gives it away that its a new take on an old look…but we can really see how as much as the style evolved, it remained the same.


Do you have any of these pieces in your closet? Is it old or new?