7 Signs You Could Be An Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? We’re not talking about an amazing idea. No, we’re not referring to the odd qualities that most entrepreneurs have. We compiled a list of some of the signs that may help determine if you’re an entrepreneur:

1- You’re Obsessively Opposed To The Typical

If it’s typical… its not for you. Most entrepreneurs find joy in anything different and unique. They charter their own path and enjoy things that are out of the norm.

2- You Can’t Keep A Job

Being a cog in the machine is a hard task for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are ready to get out and get going. Their minds run a mile a minute and creativity oozes from their pores. Holding a job for too long just doesn’t happen for them.

3- You Have A Need To Improve… EVERYTHING

Entrepreneurs see a flaw and instantly want to fix it. One of the reasons they can’t keep a job for long periods of time is because they are in a constant mode of wanting to change things and create systems that work better… and unfortunately only the right boss can harness that type of creativity.

4- No Small Talk, Please!

The idea of having friendly conversations are all good and dandy, but entrepreneurs like to get to the point. Talking about the weather isn’t of any interest to this group. Entrepreneurs like to have activity that leads to achieving a particular goal… so small talk just isn’t for them.

5- An Utter Disdain for the Status Quo

Why do something that’s already been done 50 gazillion times? This group can’t just go through the motions or sit in a cubicle all day. If you’re asking them to do the status quo… chances are they’ll do the opposite.

6- Rebellious

They don’t think that rules apply to them. This group assumes the rules are for all those other people out there.

7- It Takes a While To Get To Sleep

It takes a while for this group to get to sleep because they’re constantly thinking of something. Their imagination and vision is pretty amazing. At times their thoughts are so persistent that sleep is a hard thing to settle into.


Do you have any of these traits/signs that you’re an entrepreneur?