5 Instant Style-Changers

5 instant style changers

5 instant style changers

by MosaMuse

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel like a style chameleon. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of money to do that. We have 5 instant style-changers to morph your style and give you a new appeal. Different styles create different perceptions, and it could be fun to test the waters and see how people relate to you based on what you’re wearing. Check out these 5 instant style-changers and see if and how the world changes around you:

cat eye sunglasses

Change the shape of your eyewear. If you’re usually round, try square. If you’re bored, try cat eyes. You may have a particular frame that looks best on you, but maybe you could have more fun in something new.

mid length skirt

Who knew a few inches could make such a big difference? Changing the length of your skirt can really change your style. A mini skirt gives you a completely different feel than a mid-length skirt. Step outside of your comfort zone and change it up a bit.

Adding fun accessories like headbands can spice up your style. It can even make you feel more youthful. If you’re a necklace girl, try bracelets. Not into rings?… give them a second chance.

Maybe it’s time to go up (or down) a couple inches. Switching your standard heel height could have you seeing things on a new level. We like this summer wedge from Jessica Simpson because it incorporates foam for added comfort.

There is nothing more style-changing than a great haircut. Tia Mowry went from long to pixie to give herself a more style update.


In honor of our Chameleon theme, how do you plan to change up your style?