Vintage Fab: 1950s Hairstyles

The look of 1950s hairstyles seem like the antithesis of hairstyles today. Soft, sleek, and perfectly maintained- these styles are feminine and elegant. We found pictures from our favorite 1950s pinups, singers, and movie stars. We also added in some photos of our current celebrities playing homeage to one of our favorite hair eras.

Dorothy Dandridge featured in this 1950s beer advertisement.

1950s pinups always had perfectly curled hair. Sleek at the top, full curls at the bottom.

Freida Pinto pays homage to 1950s glamour in this editorial. She is a MM favorite for sure.

It also seemed like the perfect time for reds.

Elizabeth Taylor is known for her violet eyes, but her hair also shows off the soft, sleek 1950s style.

Shorter hairstyles were popular in the 50s. Short hair with a strapless dress allowed women to look long and elegant.

Marilyn Monroe showed off this fun style. The top looks amazing…the sides always make me smile!

Short cuts are sooo beautiful on women! Audrey Hepburn shows us all how to rock a short do.

Soft, feathery curls

The softness of 1950s is beautiful. It looks so feminine.


What do you think of 1950s hair?